Living life

I’ve been so busy since the last time I posted. My health is better than ever, and I’m finding myself less and less on the computer. Instead, IRL activities have kept me quite busy. Montana is a wonderful place to live if you can handle the Winter.

Life updates

My Dad’s computer that I built back in May 2010 was finally starting to die. Even with a brand new install of Windows and a new power supply, it was glitching up constantly. This was confirmed under Linux as well. Rather than fighting with the computer, I simply gave my Dad my i7-2600K backup computer that was already setup as a dual-boot Windows 7/Linux Mint machine. He’s quite happy and, being that the computer was rarely used, he has a new machine to make use of that is significantly faster than his previous AMD Machine.

I finally got a new washing machine after over a year of doing laundry by hand and using a spinner to get as much water out as possible before hang drying it. I am still hang drying my clothes, as I’ve always tried to avoid dryers as much as possible, though they have their uses.

My weight seems to be relatively stable, fluctuating a bit from week to week, though still in the 140 – 150 lbs range. I am planning on getting back into exercising on July 4th, though I will start very light and go from there.

We have a heat wave coming up, with temps expected to be 101°F+ for two or more days starting Sunday. My 5,000 BTU AC unit might not be super powerful, but it’s better than nothing, especially since I sit about 10 feet from it.

The price for a gallon of Whole Lifeline (Montana based) Organic Milk is now $6.99, with a 1/2 gallon of Organic Valley Half & Half hitting $6.59. A gallon of whole Lifeline Organic Milk was $5.69 back in early February. Food price increases are really getting crazy and this is only the beginning. I am trying to stock up on various foods while I can, as I don’t see this slowing down.

So very cold

The last few days have been particularly cold in Montana, with subzero temperatures during the night, and single digit temperatures during the day. While November is normally pretty cold here, this early blast of cold weather is quite remarkable. Fortunately we’re all quite used to dealing with Winter weather, and this has merely resulted in the early sale of snow tires and salt for walkways. On another positive note, the extra snow will help our water situation, which has improved over the last few years, with the end result being a lack of forest fires in the hot summer months.