Linux Mint 18

I purchased a new Samsung 850 Pro SSD to use as a boot drive, and took the opportunity to install the newest version of Linux Mint while I was at it. This was roughly two weeks ago. It took me the better part of a day to install all of the various programs I use on a regular basis, though part of that was because I wasn’t rushing anything. Once I have Palemoon and Thunderbird setup with my profiles, everything else gets taken care of while I carry on my regular computer routine.

So far it is even nicer than the Linux Mint 17.x series, which was amazing all on its own. I am using the x64 MATE version with compiz as my window manager, and it actually feels even faster than before, even factoring in the newer, faster SSD, as it’s not just hard drive-related tasks that haven gotten faster. Bluetooth support is MUCH improved, and I have been able to pair and use several Bluetooth devices without a problem. I’m still putting it through its paces, but the thought that keeps running through my mind, is how smooth everything is, and how little has changed in a bullet point, “brand new features!” type of way from the user’s point of view. I know they have a list, but the lack of a dramatic change I consider a good thing.

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