Living life

I’ve been so busy since the last time I posted. My health is better than ever, and I’m finding myself less and less on the computer. Instead, IRL activities have kept me quite busy. Montana is a wonderful place to live if you can handle the Winter.

WordPress 3.8

Nice UI update. Quickpress is now Quick Draft apparently. I’ve been trying some new foods, some of which are substitutes for food I used to eat, but want to avoid because of GMO/MSG/ and other bad acronyms.

The writing bug strikes

I’ve found myself wanting to write in larger amounts for the first time in a long while. Part of it is the fact that I am no longer in school and therefore using energy that might have gone towards writing. Another is the fact that I find the ideas for the 3rd book in my trilogy falling into place and I feel that I should be starting on it by Summer’s end. And yet another, is the fact that I have some obscure things to write about, mostly dealing with retro-gaming/emulation.


Hopefully updates will be more frequent from here on out.

To come

Musings, reviews, and assorted randomness – enjoy the ride.