Mighty Mouse

In search of a decent corded mouse that will last a long time, I purchased a Mighty Mouse from Man & Machine, makers of keyboards and mice that you can spray down with various cleaning solutions commonly found in medical/industrial environments. In fact, your order comes with a list of what you can use on the mouse. Coupled with it being assembled in the USA, I took the plunge and ordered one. My mother ordered one for her husband and a petite mouse, which is the same as the Mighty Mouse, save for being a bit smaller. So far it seems responsive and feels durable. With the mouse wheel replaced by buttons this is something that will take some people some getting used to – my mom being one of them. This allows me to retire my MS Intellimouse 1.1 to backup duty. I do plan on getting another one of those, as the build quality on that model is worth tracking one down. This evaluation is ongoing, as durability is very important to me.



I have another review I’m working on regarding a different piece of equipment, but I still have pictures to process, so it’s going to be a bit. On a related note, I’ve been able to verify that newer Linux distros (Ubuntu 16.04-based) have no problem with UEFI. That being said, if Dell can make its newest laptops legacy/UEFI selectable, then others could as well.

Raspberry Pi 2 Camera

I decided to install the newest version of Raspian over Ubuntu MATE for the Pi2/3, as it is designed for the Pi after all. The last version I had on the Pi 2, was released over a year ago. Fast forward to the newest version “Jessie”, released late May, which I have to say, is really fast. I was able to get my Pi 2 setup almost completely via GUI, aside from having to edit the /boot/config.txt file to disable overscan for my TV (the same problem I had with the old version). I’m currently tinkering with the camera on a software level as I see what it can do, but it puts out a nice image for the price/size. I have it connected via ethernet to my switch, and have been able to remove the USB Wi-Fi module that came with my Pi 2 bundle that I purchased last February.

More as I continue…

Raspberry Pi 2 Update and Toshiba laptop boot bug.

I have ordered a Raspberry Pi Camera (the original model, there is a new model that came out a little over a month ago, but the jury is still out on that one) to enable me to use my Pi 2 as a webcam/deercam. I will post more on that after it arrives and I set it up. I have since upgraded the storage to a 32GB Samsung EVO Class 10 card. There are faster cards, but I don’t see the point with a Pi 2.


I found that if I enter the BIOS on my mom’s Toshiba laptop that I mentioned before, it causes the boot error to reappear. I fixed and verified this for myself. I don’t know if a BIOS update would fix it, but seeing as my mother will never even attempt to get into the BIOS, I will leave it be. I stand by my decision to buy a Dell next time.