My favorite movies

My last post made me think about my favorite movies. While I can identify my top 2, beyond that I can’t number them.

1. On the Waterfront
2. The Bad Seed
Run Lola Run
The Godfather
The Godfather Pt. II
The Terminator
The Edukators
Requiem For a Dream
Kick Ass
Mean Creek
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Fight Club

On the Waterfront on Blu Ray?

I’ve been delighted to have one of my favorite films, The Bad Seed (1956), on Blu Ray. The transfer overall is pretty good, but it does make me yearn all the more for my favorite movie of all time: On the Waterfront.

Powerful performances all around and great camera work. While it looks good on DVD, unlike The Bad Seed IMO, I can only imagine what it’ll look like in 1080p.


Here’s to hoping!