Ron Paul on Jay Leno 9-4-2012 – My Thoughts

The recent news that Ron Paul will again be a guest on Jay Leno on September 4th, 2012 brought joy and a bunch of thoughts into my mind. The chief one, is that perhaps Ron Paul will be using this to announce his 3rd party candidacy, either alone, or perhaps with Gary Johnson, who is on the ballot in all 50 states. I’m writing about the later option, which I feel is brilliant.

First and foremost, this would give all disaffected and disenfranchised people of all political parties a VIABLE 3rd choice, instead of the tried and true “vote for the lesser of two evils”, which is still a vote for evil and plays into the hands of both parties. After witnessing the travesty that was the RNC, which included a fake vote to change the rules, with the results of the vote already on the teleprompter, I’ve gone from disappointed, to just plain angry. The Republican party is no longer my party, and I refuse to give up and “fall in line”. This stunt, and the general treatment of the delegates and Ron Paul in general, has cost the Republican party my vote and the vote of countless others.

Ron Paul running with Gary Johnson would give us a REAL 3rd choice and let both parties know that the old two party system is coming to an end. Even people who said they’d vote for either Obama or Romney because there was no other real choice could be convinced to change. The commercials that would come out of such an announcement would make Obama and Romney look like two sides of the same coin, which is what they are, make no mistake.

After Ron Paul’s Jay Leno visit is over, hopefully I’ll be making another post, the start of many, about the coming election and a real changing of the guard.

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