Press coverage of Ron Paul’s campaign – The war of words

As Newt Gingrich officially bowed out of the presidential race, he endorsed Mitt Romney and urged the GOP to unite behind him. With approximately $4.5million in debt and Romney likely to help him in that respect, it is as much a paid endorsement as anything else. Rick Santorum, despite being out of the race nearly a month, hasn’t done the same thing, and his supporters are joining Ron Paul’s supporters in some of the states to help him fetch even more delegates – a strategy that is working, much to the main stream media’s chagrin.

With it becoming readily apparent that Ron Paul’s name will be on the ballot in Tampa and Romney’s nomination anything but certain, the media is waging a war of words against Ron Paul and his campaign. How one phrases things, headline and body, can alter the meaning completely.

Below is the headline and link to an article about the current standings of the two GOP candidates versus Obama.

The title of the article is “Romney leads Obama narrowly in Montana

From the article: “Worse for Romney is that his soon-to-be-vanquished intraparty foe Ron Paul actually leads Obama by eight points (49-41).”

Besides the assertion that Ron Paul is going away soon, it makes light of the fact that Ron Paul has a sizable lead versus Obama in Montana.

Plenty of other articles, too numerous to name, use phrases such as “disruptive”, “rude”, “manipulating the rules”, etc, to suggest that Ron Paul’s forces are “stealing” the nomination instead of earning it. The transfer of about $100,000 from the Alaska State GOP coffers to the local Capital City Republicans in Juneau speaks volumes about the nature of Ron Paul’s opponents. The mention of this fact in passing without any scrutiny in most articles I’ve read, also shows that the media is lock step with the GOP establishment.

The media machine will stop at nothing to discredit Ron Paul’s candidacy, and it’s only going to get worse from here on out.

Make no mistake – Ron Paul is winning, and the establishment is very, very frightened at the possibility of a showdown between Obama and Paul.

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