Newt Gingrich sinks as Ron Paul Rises

The latest polls provided on the Real Clear Politics show Newt Gingrich’s rating falling below Ron Paul’s, who’s rating is rising at a slow, but steady pace. With his campaign broke and the insanity of sending him against Obama setting in for would be supporters, Gingrich is now being pressured to quit the race by supporters of Rick Santorum.

This bodes well for Ron Paul as well, as reducing the number of contenders to three makes it harder to ignore him, although the media has been doing their best to do so. It also helps Ron Paul due to the spotlight being focused more and more on Santorum, who seems to believe that his narrow message of “Gays, Muslims, and Pornography are destroying America” will fly with the GOP as a whole, let alone the general population that will vote in the general election. While Mitt Romney is seen as the best alternative by the “anyone but Obama” crowd, Santorum is seen as the only alternative by the “anyone but Romney” crowd. Giving Santorum an even more intense spotlight will allow him to shoot himself in the foot with the same reckless abandon as Mitt Romney seems to stick his in his mouth every time he deviates from his campaign’s script.

Romney and Santorum have a real chance to split the remaining primaries between them, resulting in a brokered convention. It is highly unlikely that Santorum will be willing to give Romney his delegates in exchange for a Vice Presidential slot or some other cherry position, resulting in true chaos. After the initial vote the delegates are no longer bound, and this is Ron Paul’s chance, with his passionate supporters, to bring true change to the GOP.

The next few weeks are going to be pivotal, and as delusional as Newt Gingrich is, financial reality will likely force him to abandon his campaign. Social media doesn’t really do much if there’s no passion behind it, and despite the best efforts of the main stream media, Newt has none. Newt has anger and belligerence, but while that might make for entertaining interviews with the blood thirsty press, it doesn’t win campaigns.

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