Ron Paul on the rise, Romney and the establishment running scared

Well, it’s been only a few days since Rick Santorum dropped out of the GOP presidential nomination race, leaving Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, and Newt Gingrich as the remaining candidates. The immediate call by the main stream media, was that “It’s now Romney vs Obama”. While the right and the left would both like to declare the GOP contest over, it is far from that.

With Santorum dropping out to care for his daughter, the main stream media, and even Newt Gingrich, essentially called the contest for Romney. They are purposely ignoring the rising numbers of Ron Paul who, despite an almost total media blackout, continues to draw record standing room only crowds to places even as liberal as UC Berkley. With votes upcoming in Texas and California, this has the potential to flip the GOP contest upside down. While Romney has money, money has only served to slow his descent as voters continue to scrutinize his record and his comments to the press. Gingrich has no campaign to speak of, and is staying in the race for his own ego, if nothing else. Ron Paul on the other hand, has a steady message, fervent supporters, and steadily increasing poll numbers. His numbers are growing at an increasing rate, as more people begin to look past the “he’s crazy”, “his policies make no sense”, etc headlines that the media attempt to paint him with. One of the most important phrases I heard mentioned, by YouTube user “TokenLibertariangirl”, as the phrase that got her started, was “Google Ron Paul”. Indeed, what the main stream media won’t do, people are doing themselves. I’m looking forward to the next few weeks with even more excitement as the power of the people overwhelms the establishment’s attempts to keep the will of the people silent.

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