Press coverage of Ron Paul’s campaign – The war of words

As Newt Gingrich officially bowed out of the presidential race, he endorsed Mitt Romney and urged the GOP to unite behind him. With approximately $4.5million in debt and Romney likely to help him in that respect, it is as much a paid endorsement as anything else. Rick Santorum, despite being out of the race nearly a month, hasn’t done the same thing, and his supporters are joining Ron Paul’s supporters in some of the states to help him fetch even more delegates – a strategy that is working, much to the main stream media’s chagrin.

With it becoming readily apparent that Ron Paul’s name will be on the ballot in Tampa and Romney’s nomination anything but certain, the media is waging a war of words against Ron Paul and his campaign. How one phrases things, headline and body, can alter the meaning completely.

Below is the headline and link to an article about the current standings of the two GOP candidates versus Obama.

The title of the article is “Romney leads Obama narrowly in Montana

From the article: “Worse for Romney is that his soon-to-be-vanquished intraparty foe Ron Paul actually leads Obama by eight points (49-41).”

Besides the assertion that Ron Paul is going away soon, it makes light of the fact that Ron Paul has a sizable lead versus Obama in Montana.

Plenty of other articles, too numerous to name, use phrases such as “disruptive”, “rude”, “manipulating the rules”, etc, to suggest that Ron Paul’s forces are “stealing” the nomination instead of earning it. The transfer of about $100,000 from the Alaska State GOP coffers to the local Capital City Republicans in Juneau speaks volumes about the nature of Ron Paul’s opponents. The mention of this fact in passing without any scrutiny in most articles I’ve read, also shows that the media is lock step with the GOP establishment.

The media machine will stop at nothing to discredit Ron Paul’s candidacy, and it’s only going to get worse from here on out.

Make no mistake – Ron Paul is winning, and the establishment is very, very frightened at the possibility of a showdown between Obama and Paul.

The end of GOP candidate polling & Ron Paul’s delegate coup

As a regular visitor to Real Clear Politics, I noticed the lack of new polls about the remaining GOP candidates. The media is complying with Mitt Romney’s assertion that he has the nomination in the bag. As a result, Mitt Romney’s supporters have let Ron Paul’s determined supporters take a majority of the delegates, where it really counts. As of this writing, Paul is one state away from automatically being entered on the ballot at the GOP convention in Tampa. This strategy is paying off and chances of a Ron Paul win at the GOP convention are growing in spite of, or perhaps partially because, of the media blackout regarding anything to do with Ron Paul. With the masses looking towards the general election with the democratic Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Paul’s supporters are in the midst of a sleeper victory as the fireworks fly in Tampa.

Ron Paul on the rise, Romney and the establishment running scared

Well, it’s been only a few days since Rick Santorum dropped out of the GOP presidential nomination race, leaving Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, and Newt Gingrich as the remaining candidates. The immediate call by the main stream media, was that “It’s now Romney vs Obama”. While the right and the left would both like to declare the GOP contest over, it is far from that.

With Santorum dropping out to care for his daughter, the main stream media, and even Newt Gingrich, essentially called the contest for Romney. They are purposely ignoring the rising numbers of Ron Paul who, despite an almost total media blackout, continues to draw record standing room only crowds to places even as liberal as UC Berkley. With votes upcoming in Texas and California, this has the potential to flip the GOP contest upside down. While Romney has money, money has only served to slow his descent as voters continue to scrutinize his record and his comments to the press. Gingrich has no campaign to speak of, and is staying in the race for his own ego, if nothing else. Ron Paul on the other hand, has a steady message, fervent supporters, and steadily increasing poll numbers. His numbers are growing at an increasing rate, as more people begin to look past the “he’s crazy”, “his policies make no sense”, etc headlines that the media attempt to paint him with. One of the most important phrases I heard mentioned, by YouTube user “TokenLibertariangirl”, as the phrase that got her started, was “Google Ron Paul”. Indeed, what the main stream media won’t do, people are doing themselves. I’m looking forward to the next few weeks with even more excitement as the power of the people overwhelms the establishment’s attempts to keep the will of the people silent.

Newt Gingrich sinks as Ron Paul Rises

The latest polls provided on the Real Clear Politics show Newt Gingrich’s rating falling below Ron Paul’s, who’s rating is rising at a slow, but steady pace. With his campaign broke and the insanity of sending him against Obama setting in for would be supporters, Gingrich is now being pressured to quit the race by supporters of Rick Santorum.

This bodes well for Ron Paul as well, as reducing the number of contenders to three makes it harder to ignore him, although the media has been doing their best to do so. It also helps Ron Paul due to the spotlight being focused more and more on Santorum, who seems to believe that his narrow message of “Gays, Muslims, and Pornography are destroying America” will fly with the GOP as a whole, let alone the general population that will vote in the general election. While Mitt Romney is seen as the best alternative by the “anyone but Obama” crowd, Santorum is seen as the only alternative by the “anyone but Romney” crowd. Giving Santorum an even more intense spotlight will allow him to shoot himself in the foot with the same reckless abandon as Mitt Romney seems to stick his in his mouth every time he deviates from his campaign’s script.

Romney and Santorum have a real chance to split the remaining primaries between them, resulting in a brokered convention. It is highly unlikely that Santorum will be willing to give Romney his delegates in exchange for a Vice Presidential slot or some other cherry position, resulting in true chaos. After the initial vote the delegates are no longer bound, and this is Ron Paul’s chance, with his passionate supporters, to bring true change to the GOP.

The next few weeks are going to be pivotal, and as delusional as Newt Gingrich is, financial reality will likely force him to abandon his campaign. Social media doesn’t really do much if there’s no passion behind it, and despite the best efforts of the main stream media, Newt has none. Newt has anger and belligerence, but while that might make for entertaining interviews with the blood thirsty press, it doesn’t win campaigns.

2012 GOP Race Log: Virtually following the circus on tour in America

It’s Tuesday, and with the winner take all Florida primary occurring in but a few days, the rhetoric has taken on new life along with the appropriate media blitz and accompanying support costs that serves to inject some money into the local economies along the tour.


The longer the nomination race drags on, the better for all of those on the trail. What once seemed Romney’s to lose has become the Republican party’s deliberate administration of syrup of ipecac, with South Carolina serving to put the party on notice that it will not be a walk in the park. After letting the McCain-Palin disaster loose from it’s molten prison deep inside the earth’s core (That’s an Inhumanoids reference, not a bible one) in 2008, a significant majority of Republican’s know that a Romney nomination would be a tough contest at best, and this is before a running mate has even been considered.


As a result of the 2008 election, the Republican party faced new questions about it’s future, and what began as Tea Party protests that received their own brand of media derision, has manifested itself with three separate winners in the first three contests. The continuing battle has given fits to a main stream media trying to steer its outcome in light of the changing social world that was only beginning to make its presence known during the ’08 election cycle.


“If it bleeds, it leads.” is a common phrase associated with the media, but the public likes a good scrap now and again and Newt Gingrich, regardless of political reality when it comes to even being on the ballot concerning some ~500 delegates, is a fighter and is so self-righteous, that he might have been a presidential nominee, if not a possible president, if only he didn’t have his record. Personal life aside, Gingrich reminds me of Gary Hart’s ill-fated run for president, except instead of crashing and burning once, Gingrich has consistently been his own worse enemy.


What is Gingrich’s role to play? Busting up a Romney clean sweep aside, Gingrich will gladly take down Romney if it means that he might gain more pull in the Republican party.


And what of Santorum? The GOP’s frat boy armed with sweater vests and calls to war with the entire Muslim world represents the vote of religious sheep, who blindly follow what they are told, rather than use their god-given brain to figure out things on their own.


With the dropout of Perry, Paul is now in prime position, being on the ballot in all of the states, a feat only matched by Romney, of securing the republican nomination by outlasting the limited reach campaigns of Gingrich and Santorum.


Rising in the polls, Ron Paul looked destined for a good finish from the start of this campaign in stark contrast to 2008, but few saw this coming. While most of the media tries to mention Ron Paul as little as possible, there is a background noise that is steadily getting louder. Like a spontaneous chant at a concert, it’s beginning to overtake the singer on the microphone, and already has a passionate life all of its own.


Florida is interesting, but the real fight lies ahead, with Florida serving to keep us entertained and possibly cause Santorum to rethink his presidential plans.

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