Another SPAM blocker

I’ve installed a new SPAM blocking plugin. Hopefully this helps put a stop to the torrent of stuff I have to flag as SPAM.

When will the “crash” happen?

Depends on which crash you’re talking about. There are a lot.

I, like a lot of other people out there, am leaning towards a flashback of the first “dot-com bubble” bursting, with similar timing.

Speaking of which. Gold and Silver are a steal right now.

This thing is like a personal Twitter

Except that I can use a lot more characters. I really hate to abbreviate beyond a certain level, and Twitter made me feel like I had the language skills of a serial huffer.

Super Cold

It’s going to be -20ºF tonight. I need to get a natural gas heater as my home’s electric one is really expensive to run. I’m looking into wind power via turbines for the future. Montana has plenty to offer.